Outdoor Awning &
Commercial Cleaning

We keep the awnings and commercial outdoor spaces clean for clients all around the twin cities and suburbs. At Bright’N’Clean, we keep your awnings clean and maintained while also washing the area around your dumpster or sidewalk for a safe and clean look.

Hard Working Clean

With over 30 years of experience and clients that range from national chains to local restaurants, Bright’N’Clean brings an honest, hard working clean to commercial buildings of all types. From awnings to dumpster areas to sidewalks, we help keep the exterior of you business looking great for customers and clients. Call Bright’N’Clean for a free estimate and let us be your long term partner in your mission to keep your property nice and clean!

Awning Cleaning

Bright’N’Clean has been cleaning and helping maintain awnings across the metro area for over three decades. Our environmentally safe cleaning supplies and gentle power washers can tackle the toughest awning cleaning jobs. Regular maintenance helps awnings live a longer life and they hold any graphics or colors better as well. Contact us at Bright’N’Clean and get a free estimate for your awning cleaning needs today!

Dumpster Cleaning

We are the dumpster area cleaning kings! Using our power washers and cleaning solutions, we can tackle any dirty dumpster area and return a clean and safe dumpster zone for your employees and neighbors. With a call to Bright’N’Clean your dirty dumpster area days are over, call us today for a free estimate!


Boat Covers:

We have recently added boat lift covers and boat covers to our cleaning services.

Outdoor Cleaning

One of the most frustrating outdoor commercial areas to keep clean are often sidewalks. With gum and other debris staining and soaking into the cement cleaning can be difficult. Let Bright’N’Clean tackle your outdoor cleaning needs. We handle everything from sidewalks, small parking lots, entryways and exits, and of course awnings!

Keeping It Clean for 3 Decades!

In 1989, John D. Miklethun founded Bright’N’Clean in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Over the years, the company has served hundreds of local businesses and has built a reputation for reliability and competitive pricing. Now run by John’s son Jeff Miklethun and wife Sara, Bright’N’Clean is ready to serve the community for another generation.

Let’s Get To Work

Call us at Bright’N’Clean at 612-396-3313 or fill out the form here to request a free estimate or more information.

Before & After

You will like your bright and clean awnings!

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